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Manufacturing & Clinical Laboratories


Quality control is paramount, and the South Florida facilities of Polaris Research Laboratories include multiple suites for product development, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Major equipment includes FitzMill milling systems, Patterson Kelly and Vanguard blenders, Accela-Cota coating machinery, and a Pam encapsulation system.

The operations department deploys secure-packaging equipment to make sure that the ingredients in the bottle match the label on the bottle, as required by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Modern manufacturing and filling equipment, optimized for different volumes, allows Polaris to produce high quality at moderate cost. Multiple stainless-steel kettles have capacities from five to 750 gallons, equipped with counter-action sweep agitation, heating, and cooling capabilities. More stainless-steel kettles, with capacities from 20 to 500 gallons, are equipped with lightning-style mixers and heating. High-pressure homogenization systems allow particle sizes as small as 0.3 microns.

Polaris Research Laboratories adheres to strict manufacturing guidelines to remain in compliance with US regulatory requirements. Plants are FDA-registered, with a prescription-drug manufacturing license and an over-the-counter drug-manufacturing license.

Since comprehensive testing is crucial to the efficacy of topical treatments, each batch is sampled for effective percentages of key ingredients. So Polaris can assure precise consistency from batch to batch — from the color and texture to the scent, pH level, and most important, active ingredient assay.

Clinical Laboratories

Ongoing clinical testing using human volunteers is conducted both in-house and with the assistance of specialty laboratories in a constant search for the most effective formulations to grow hair.

Polaris Research Laboratories partners with reliable suppliers of research-grade minoxidil, the latest botanical discoveries, and other key compounds from sources around the world, to deliver the highest-quality formulas at the lowest-possible cost. In-house laboratories include those for wet chemistry, instrumentation, and gas chromatography. Major laboratory instruments include Agilent, Hitachi, and Perkin Elmer chromatography, Beckman Coulter UV/visible spectrophotometers, Perkin Elmer Fourier-transform-infrared spectrometers, and Distek dissolution apparatuses, plus stability-testing chambers and water-purification systems.

When highly specialized testing is required, partner labs collaborate to develop sophisticated protocols.

Regular monitoring ensures that solutions remain free of microbiological and bacterial contamination. Stability testing ensures that they meet expectations for shelf life and potency all the way through their expiration dates.